Best PE seeds for survival in Minecraft

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Minecraft Pocket Edition has kept the players attached with its block adventurous game at this time, and the survival mode of the game-play has been taking a lot of fame in the current days. If the players want to be at the top in the Minecraft PE survival world, they have to choose the perfect seed for them in the game-play. Here are some of the top best PE seeds for the survival of the players in Minecraft PE. survival in Minecraft

survival in Minecraft
survival in Minecraft

Village Island

This Minecraft PE seed may be the best seed for the world of survival that follow the story of a sole survivor on an abandoned island. The player can easily find two spider dungeons in the caves below them, both of which can be eventually turned into sophisticated mob farms to earn some XP and mob drops.

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Great Structures within 1000 Blocks

This particular Minecraft PE seed gives a lot of opportunities to the players to explore and find such type of structures. This has a ruined Nether portal, a desert temple, as well as a Woodland Mansion, all within 1000 blocks of the spawn point. Exploring the vast seed in a Minecraft PE survival world is one of the game’s proper purposes.

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Mushroom Island

A Minecraft PE survival world can be scary for beginners, especially until they get the hang of protecting themselves in the game. Beginners may want to build their base on the mushroom island if they want to be safe from mobs for a while. This seed features a lovely and large mushroom island relatively close to the spawn point. This seed is the most suitable for such players and even some seasoned gamers who’d rather not deal with hostile mobs straight away.

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