Offline games like Free Fire

1. Free Battle Royale Fire Force

The pixelated graphics of this game is appreciated by a few players. The Team Battle and the Squad Mode (involving five players on opposite sides) are the two game modes players would love to indulge in. offline games like Free Fire

Both Free Fire and Free Battle Royale Fire Force revolves around the theme of shooting and survival. If a player is not confident about shooting, he/she can easily opt for the auto-shooting option.

offline games like Free Fire
offline games like Free Fire

Size: 158 MB

2. Heroes Strike Offline

This game is a combination of MOBA and battle royale game genres. The characters possessing unique abilities will surely remind players of the characters featured in Free Fire.

The matches in Heroes Strike Offline last for a short time as the number of players per match are significantly less. This game has a good rating of 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store.

Size: 102 MB

3. Cover Fire

Cover Fire must be amongst the best offline shooting games for Android under 100MB because it is designed with the currently highest-quality graphics for mobile devices. It has been downloaded millions of times and rated 4.7/5. There are lots of interesting characters with special skills, as well as a huge library of weapons and items. Your missions in this game include using your private skills and strategic minds to start struggles against dangerous military organizations and zombies.

4. NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy is a first-person shooter for mobile devices. The lead character in this game is a former soldier and AI agents who participate in a battle against the invasion of the powerful enemies in outer space. You can play NOVA Legacy in offline mode without 3G or Wi-Fi. The diverse weapon system from laser guns, sniper rifles, to artilleries is also another plus point of this game. and more. you can get it there.


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