Best motorcycles in GTA Online

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If you are a GTA Online player then you definitely know that how the GTA Online has gaining its popularity among the players. The game has not only specializes in giving players a vast and extensive collection of cars but also a bunch of great motorcycles capable of excellent performances. There are a few situations has come in which a motorcycle was a best fit for the players, fit due to them being more nimble than cars in GTA Online, so they are perfect for getaways. That’s why the motorcycles have now become the ideal choice for the players who want to zip away from the police and also save them from the other enemies during Missions or Heists in GTA Online. Best motorcycles in GTA Online

Best motorcycles in GTA Online
Best motorcycles in GTA Online

Pegassi Bati 801RR

This was a great option for the players; they can invest their little amount to purchase the Pegassi Bati 801RR. The Bati motorcycle was extremely quick and fast, but to handle this motorcycle can be a little junky.

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Thus, they are not recommended to be used during Heists or other Missions that involve making quick getaways.

Top Speed: 135.00 mph (217.26 km/h)

Pegassi Opressor

This motorcycle was the younger sibling that what would eventually become the most despised motorcycle in the game of GTA Online.

The Oppressor MKII. The players would do the best thing if they invest their money in this weaponized motorcycle. The Oppressor is capable of fight, which gives it the edge over the rest of the bikes in its class.

Top Speed: 140.00 mph (225.31 km/h)


This Deathbike has seems to be the most fastest vehicle on the ground in GTA Online.

The player will require an Arena War Workshop to modify the Gargoyle and upgrade it to the Deathbike. The whole versions of the Deathbike (Future Shock, Nightmare, Apocalypse) have their identical performances.

Top Speed: 150.00 mph (241.40 km/h)

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