Best Minecraft texture packs for Bedwars

In-game of Minecraft the Bedwars was one of the best variants in the game which was made by the creative community of the players of Minecraft. Bedwars is incredibly popular on Minecraft servers, creating a PvP battle of epic proportions that can keep players on their toes. Best Minecraft texture packs

Best Minecraft texture packs
Best Minecraft texture packs

While the textures which were used may not traditionally consider the right course of action for PvP games like Bedwars, it is in fact, a great way to boost your gaming experience. The right Minecraft texture packs will help the players to increase the FPS of the game-play and along with that.

It helps the players to evade the attacks and kill the opponents faster also.

Here is the list of the best Minecraft texture packs to use while playing the Bedwars server


Chroma is a Minecraft texture pack which was designed to boost up the FPS in the game-play and this was specially made for those players who were the lovers of thrill and fast-paced PvP battles. Overall this pack does not let down the players on the looks.

Either it has created pretty animations which makes to look better the game. Additionally, the pack also has a custom sky and clearer water.


Depixel texture was among one of the best texture pack in the game of Minecraft, the players have not to own beefy gaming PCs but they still want a good and decent FPS for the performance. All the textures in this pack are in 32 by 32, which helps improve what the game looks like.

Without compromising on the speed of the gameplay. This pack would remains true to the original textures of the game.


This Faithful is the one of the texture pack which stays true towards its name, the Faithful creates a stunning and fantastic graphics which was delight.

Not just only for the PvP players. But also for those who would rather quietly enjoy their survival mode gameplay.



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