5 Best Landing/Drop Locations In PUBG New State (Get More Loots)

Krafton’s newly launched game PUBG: New State is having 4 different maps out of which two are battle royale maps, 1 is TDM and the last one if training ground. So in this article I will be sharing the 5 hot drop location where you can find maximum loot in minimum time.

It is hard to find the best landing spots in PUBG New State, that’s why I have figured out 5 locations where lots of loots can be found easily. You see, it is not fixed that you will find good loot at these locations, but most probably yes.

5 Best Landing Locations In PUBG New State (Get More Loots In Less Time)

5 Best Landing Locations In PUBG New State

Here are some of the best landing locations in Troi and Erangel 2051 map of PUBG New State:

1. Factory (Troi)

In Troi Map you can find a good loot at Factory, it is one of the best location for racking up kills while you are in early stage of the game. So visit factory and collect loots to boost your gameplay. There is more to explore at factory, so don’t miss it out.

2. School (Erangel 2051)

School is the highly dense location in Erangel map, where you can find both the loot and opponent. Many players also take the advantage of its high buildings, as it provides visuals from far distances with ease. After Pochinki this has become the hot drop location in PUBG New State.

3. Military Base (Erangel 2051)

For many players, the Military Base of Erangel 2051 is a gem mine for higher loot. The loots of Military Base are of higher level and many of the armors are Level3. So if you can loot quickly, then a Military Base could be a better location to jump.

4. Exhibit Hall (Troi)

Exhibit Hall is located in the center of Troi Map that makes it easier for the player to look around the whole map. This is an amazing place for those who want good loot as well as early gunfights. Those players must jump at this location whose move are quick and who can easily engage in gunfights and loot immediately.

5. Chester (Troi)

Chester in Troi map comes with multiple building that contains higher level items loot such as such armor or level 2 or level 3. This is one of the best loot spots in PUBG New State wants to loot quickly with higher level items.

These are the 5 Best Landing Locations In PUBG New State who wants More Loots In Less Time and engage in gunfights. I hope this article helped you to find out some of the hot drop locations in PUBG New State. If you have any better suggestion, don’t forget to leave them in the below comments.

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