Best Java Edition seeds for 1.16.4 in Minecraft

This post is for the players of Minecraft who want to know about the Best Java Edition seeds for 1.16.4 in Minecraft, if you are also a Minecraft player then you have to give your few minutes to the post.

Best Java Edition seeds for 1.16.4 in Minecraft


The village has a lot of resources to collect as well as villagers to trade with once the player has emeralds. This cute little coastal village is a perfect starting spawn for any player, whether they prefer speed running, building.

Or just regular survival. As well as there are two other villages not too far away to collect resources from as well if the player doesn’t immediately want to dive into the mines. The farms provide the player with some food to start off their journey, and the nearby desert and mountain biomes are perfect for exploration.


This seed has everything a player could want right at spawn. There’s a bunch to find on this map, so players should really check it out. The player spawns in a Spruce Taiga biome surrounded by trees and resources, and only a few blocks away, they can find this massive intersection of multiple ravines. As well as the area above is great for a house.

And the village not too far away is great for raiding for extra food supplies and other resources. Together, these interconnected ravines can get the player almost a stack of iron, seven diamonds, a bunch of coal, and some gold ore too.


This Minecraft seed has some of the most epic terrain generation not too far from spawn. This is an amazing world for players who love to create stories surrounding their Minecraft worlds.

As there is so much potential for creating an intense background due to the large craters. Heading towards the mountainous Savannah in the distance, players will eventually stumble across this massive series of craters.

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