Best Java Edition parkour maps in Minecraft

These range in difficulty from easy to expert, and a lot of them get gradually more difficult over time, so they test the player’s skills. Minecraft parkour is one of the main types of adventure maps for players to experiment with. Best Java Edition parkour maps in Minecraft

Best Java Edition parkour


This excellent Minecraft parkour map is perfect for nostalgic video game players. The parkour increases in difficulty over time and gets quite challenging, and it’s quite a long map, so players should be occupied for quite a while. Each level is based on a different kind of game, be it the Mario games, the Legend of Zelda series, Pacman, Portal, and more. It’s a genuinely remarkable map whether or not players get the references. This map brings a lineup of some of the most nostalgic video game experiences to Minecraft for players to partake in.

Learn to Jump Parkour

There are plenty of checkpoints throughout the map, making it easier for players who make mistakes.

But there are so many death drops, too, that it’s fun for everyone. The Learn to Jump Minecraft parkour map is perfect for parkour lovers of any skill level as it has gradually progressing levels.

And ratings for each level that players can take a look at. There are so many levels, making this a comfortable 20-minute map for even the most skilled of parkourers.

But it can even bring hours of fun for players who get a bit stuck on specific aspects of parkour.

Mini Parkour

Players who receive scores of 5 can even get placed on a map leaderboard. The Mini Parkour Minecraft map is perfect for players getting into parkour.

As it is exciting to play through and isn’t too tricky. This map has a unique scoring system that totals the number of deaths a player has and adds the death count to the length of time he/she took to complete the map to get a final score.

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