Best Indian Discord servers in Among Us

As the Among Us game has been so much popular in the player’s community, this game has gained a lot of popularity due to which the users would spend a lot of time to the game-play. Us players worldwide use Discord servers, allowing them to communicate and connect with friends via voice, text, or video. It helps make the gaming experience much more fun and interactive. This post has contains the best Indian Discord Servers in the game-play of Among Us, users have to give a look. Discord servers in Among Us.

Discord servers in Among Us

Who is Imposter

It currently has 300+ active members and promotes fair play rules and regulations. It also hosts several VC channels and over 20 separate text channels for users to join according to preferences. This Discord channel is also an excellent server for Indian players. It assigns a designated position to every member of the server and gives a particular role to everyone.


It claims to have over 150+ active members and hosts multiple text channels and more than 20 VCs for users to access. This server is well known for its free giveaways of Discord Nitros.

Among Us – India

It is the most popular and sought-after Discord server in India currently. Apart from having separate text channels and VC, the server also assigns moderator roles to some members to promote fair play. It has over 20000 members and an average of 1500+ active members on the server.

Chill Hub

It is also probably one of the most popular Indian Discord servers. The server also has fair and moderate gameplay rules and regulations with separate voice and text channels. The server not only hosts Among Us lobbies but also has separate channels for various other games. Currently, the server boasts 6000+ members with around 700+ active members.



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