Best gaming headphones

This article is for the users who are willing to get the best headphones for their gaming experience if you are among one of them. You would have to give your few minutes to this article to know the Best gaming headphones.

Best gaming headphones

HyperX Cloud II Wireless

This closed-back design’s stereo soundscape is punchier in the low end than we’d usually go for. Bearing the fruits of HyperX Cloud’s long legacy of excellence.

The Cloud IIs presents excellent sound and build quality with the essential features done well and no feature-flab inflating the price. Elsewhere it’s the usual impressive build quality, generous padding, clear mic.

And high comfort levels over longer play sessions that the Cloud II design has always offered. Still, the extra bass doesn’t interfere with overall clarity and frankly, in games and music environments, it sounds great. The 53mm with neodymium magnets is intended to give low, medium, and high frequencies space to resonate without interfering with each other.

Astro A03 In-ear Monitors

If you’re like most people, your only experience with in-ear headphones is frantically looking for the pair that came with your smartphone inside some junk drawer in an awful tangled mess.

When the battery on your wireless headset dies. . We also dug the lay flat tangle-resistant cabling because in-ear headphones are notorious for tying themselves into inexplicable knots in your pockets. The Astro A03 is a stylish pair of in-ear monitors that not only sound good but also cost only $50. We’ve all been there. A great alternative for folks who find the typical gaming headset too heavy and uncomfortable for long stretches of time.

Steelseries Arctis 9X

The great battery life clocks in at over 20 hours out of the box; you can keep playing while you charge, too, simply by connecting the headset to your PC with a USB cable. We like best about the Arctis 9X because you can easily forget it’s a wireless model while you’re using it. The added Bluetooth compatibility means that you can use this headset on your mobile devices, too, perfect is you plan on gaming on your phone or tablet. 



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