Best games like PUBG Mobile for Players

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games like PUBG Mobile
games like PUBG Mobile

Battle Royale 3D

All the basic rules from PUBG Mobile are applicable to this shooting title as well. Players must get geared up with weapons as soon as they land, and they must also stay clear of the Poison Circle.

The 4 km * 4 km map contains mountains, seas, and numerous other forms of terrain. Players can use cars, bikes, and even boats to escape the clutches of their enemies.

Free survival

This title has a wide arsenal of realistic weapons that players can make use of, as they did in PUBG Mobile. Players can enjoy the story mode offered by this survival-shooter title even without an internet connection.

From med-kits to energy drinks, a variety of supplies can be found strewn around the buildings and shelters of this title.

While it has a rating of 4.1 stars on the Google Play Store.

Modern Fire

Like PUBG Mobile, the players’ ultimate objective is to survive till the end. The game has a futuristic backdrop and has a collection of 30 cool weapons.

That players can use to defeat their enemies.

Players can pick from five different game modes offered by the title. It also offers a wide range of characters for players to choose from.

Blood Rivals

The realistic graphics and smooth gameplay of this title will surely remind players of PUBG Mobile. If players can survive till the end, they are branded “The Father.” From trucks to cars, there are ample vehicle options that players can make use of to reach the safe zone in time.

Players can also enjoy Team Deathmatches, where they can go up against up to 12 opponents.

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