Best games for PC players

This post has contains the best PC games for those players who like to play their game on PC, as there are many players was available who like to play and enjoy the game not on Mobile, on their PC or computers. As there would be a wide range of variety of games are available in the game zone, which a player can choose and play. Best games for PC players

Best games for PC players
Best games for PC players

Tomb Raider (2013 franchise)

The Tomb Raider trilogy was one of the most amazing adventurous games for the PC players; this was similar to the game of Uncharted that PC player can experience. In this game there was a protagonist who likes to complete and has a penchant to explore Parkour mechanics, linear levels with stealth options.

The Tomb Raider reboot is a dead ringer for Uncharted DNA and is definitely a must-play for any adventure game enthusiasts.

 Max Payne 3

Rockstar Game’s noir classic franchise Max Payne.

Has made its return in 2012 on the PC with the Max Payne 3. The brooding personality of Max may be quite contrast with the Nathan’s dry humor.

But obviously, the third-person shooting mechanics which was shared by the game.

Has combined with an on-the-rails form of story narration.

Give the two games some common ground. Both of the protagonists has portrays polar opposite personalities which also treat an interesting experience for players of all kinds.

Splinter Cell Conviction

Another Ubisoft title having a similar feature was the Splinter Cell Conviction.

And was one of the games ahead of its time. Splinter Cell Conviction was released in 2010.

Saw the grizzled agent Sam Fisher returns to save the world, this time with a personal vendetta. The complete sandbox was the environment; Parkour was the third-person and a linear story.


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