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Best game for PS4 similar to GTA 5

This post is related to the best new games which was similar from GTA 5 for the PS4, there are a lot of players are available in the gaming world who want to know about the different games which was similar to the game-play of GTA 5. So those players would have to give a look into this article, as this article contains the game which was kind of similar to the game-play of GTA5. Best game for PS4

Best game for PS4
Best game for PS4

Saint Rows IV

Like GTA 5, this is also an open-world, action-adventure title filled with exciting missions. This action-adventure game brilliantly blends fantasy and realism. The science fiction just adds that bit of extra excitement to the storyline. The game is played from the third-person perspective, and players can explore the open-world by walking or using a vehicle. From fighting aliens to engaging in street gang brawls, Saint Rows IV is filled with the action that GTA 5 players crave.

Watch Dogs 2

Players will follow the exciting life of a hacker and get access to various weapons. This title is an open-world, action-adventure title from the third-person perspective, like GTA 5. They can also upgrade these weapons, along with their hack tools, as the game progresses. There are six multiplayer modes that they can choose from, namely Showd0wn, Hacking Invasion, Racing, and Man vs. Machine, Bounty Hunter, and Loot Trucks. Gamers can also enjoy Watch Dogs 2 online along with friends.

Mafia III

Mafia III also has a good collection of vehicles, which includes fast cars. The realistic car mechanics is worth appreciating. Like GTA 5, the story and characters of this title are worth remembering. Players will love stepping into the shoes of a war veteran and be part of a story of revenge. Apart from the main missions, there are exciting side quests that they can enjoy. The game has a good arsenal of weapons that players can use to defeat enemies.



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