Best Free Fire pets for Ranked mode Gameplay

Hello, friends here in this article we are going to tell you the price and the best abilities of the free-fire pets yes friends we all know that all the pets of the free-fire have different abilities from others so let us see those abilities and let us get known all. Best Free Fire pets

Best Free Fire pets
Best Free Fire pets


Price: 699 Diamonds Skill: When Players run out of Gloo Grenade, Mr. Wagger supplies one every 120 seconds at Level 1 and 100 seconds at Level 2. Mr. Robo is also a good fit for passive-aggressive players and could be an alternate choice for Mr. Wagger, as Robo’s skill is also attributed to Gloo Walls.


Price: 699 Diamonds. Falco has a capacity called the Skyline Spree. As well as its default pet level (level 1), the ability provides a 15 percent rise in gliding speed and a 25 percent increase in driving speed after the parachute opens. These effects apply to the entire squad. When Falco is maximized to level 7, the speed of gliding increases by 45 percent, and the speed of diving increases by 50 percent.

Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor’s pet skill is called ‘Smooth Gloo.’ Using it, when the players don’t have a Gloo Wall grenade, Mr. Waggor will generate one every 120 seconds. Mr. Waggor’s ability will increase with the rise in the level. At the pet level 7 (skill level 3), Mr. Waggor will create one Gloo Wall grenade per 100 seconds when the players have fewer than two of them.


Price: 699 Diamonds. While using a Med Kit or Treatment Gun, through Ottero, players will also recover EP 35% of the HP restored. The amount of EP recovered increases to 50% at Level 5. Ottero is the right fit for players who practice a passive style of gameplay as his ability grants some extra EP while one is healing undercover in Free Fire.

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