Best characters in Free Fire except for Alok

Best Free Fire characters
Best Free Fire characters


The A124 has a very strong active skill called the Thrill of Battle. A124 can easily transform 25 EP (Energy Points) to HP at its default stage (Health Points). She has a cooldown period of 90 seconds. When maximized to level 6 with character level-up cards, A124 will convert 50 EP to HP with a much lower cooldown of 60 seconds. Best Free Fire characters


Steffie has Painted Refuge, an active ability. Its simple level 1 capacity will apply graffiti, reducing explosive damage by 15% and bullet damage by 5% for 5 seconds. The CD takes 45 seconds and does not stack results. Steffie will create graffiti, which reduces explosion damage by 25% and bullet damage by 5% within 10 seconds when she maximizes to her highest level (level 6).


The Jota is also a very potent character for the Clash Squad mode and short and intense combats in Free Fire. Jota can regenerate 25 HP instantly on each SMG or Shotgun kill with his ability, Sustained Raids. It has a 5-second cooldown, though. As the level of Jota increases, his skill also goes up. 40 HP is recovered with each kill at his highest potential.

K (Captain Booyah)

K is one of the most potent characters with an incredible active ability, Master of All. In the Jiu-Jitsu mode, allies within a 6m radius get a 500% boost in the EP conversion rate. He can also restore 2 EPs every 3 seconds with up to a maximum of 100 EPs in the psychology mode. The mode switch cooldown is for 20 seconds.


According to his description in Free Fire, Chrono is a bounty hunter from another universe and has an active ability called Time-Turner. At his base level ability, he can create a force field that can block 600 damage from enemies. He can also shoot at opponents while being inside the force field. Movement speed also increases by 15%. During skill activation, allies within the force field get a 10% increase in movement speed, with the effects lasting four seconds. It has a cooldown of 50 seconds.

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