best Free Fire character combinations with DJ Alok

hello, friends we all know that DJ ALOK is one of the most demanding characters of free fire in this current time. the players only love to play with DJ ALOK instead of any other character but the players are very confused about which character they have to select for their DJ ALOK Charecterc slots. so to solve this problem we are here to come with the new article on combinations with DJ Alok.

# Moco + Kelly + Miguel + DJ ALOK

Miguel has a passive ability called Crazy Slayer, which allows the player to gain 30EP for each kill. Together with DJ Alok, the combination could prove to be an invincible duo of destruction. Kelly’s ability increases the movement speed of the player by 1% at the base level. At the maximum level, the movement speed increases by 6%. Combining her skill with Alok’s would help players move more quickly on the battlefield. Moco has a unique ability that allows players to tag enemies for 2 seconds upon being shot at character level 1. At ability level 6, the duration of the tag increases to 6 seconds.

combinations with DJ Alok
combinations with DJ Alok

 # Alok + Miguel + Joseph + Luqueta

  • Miguel – Crazy Slayer
  • Joseph – Nutty Movement
  • Luqueta – Hat Trick

Alok and Miguel complement one another quite well as they can both provide a sustained source of health. Miguel’s ability will regain 80 EP on every kill, which can slowly be converted to HP when it is not full. Meanwhile, Joseph’s ability can help players escape enemy attacks as it increases movement and sprinting speed by a whopping 20%. Luqueta’s ability, on the other hand, will increase the maximum HP on every kill up to 35.

# Alok + Moco + Jai + Hayato

  • Moco – Hacker’s Eye
  • Jai – Raging Reload
  • Hayato – Bushido

This is one of the most balanced character combinations for DJ Alok. Moco can tag enemies for a specific duration when they are hit. Meanwhile, Jai can regain 45% of ammunition automatically using particular weapon categories. Hayato’s ability, on the other hand, will increase 10% armor penetration with every 10% decrease in HP.

these are some nest character combinations with your favorite DJ ALOK. these all combinations will help your to get the BOOYAH! In your game.

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