Best & fastest PUBG Mobile emulators for PC Gameplay?

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  • MEmu Player
  • BlueStacks
  • Nox Player
  • Gameloop Player
  • Android Studio
fastest PUBG Mobile emulators
fastest PUBG Mobile emulators

MEmu Player

MEmu Player is one of the most popular Android emulators available for Windows. According to the official site, it has over 100 million downloads. While it offers good features that make gameplay smooth and allows high keyboard mapping customization, which makes it easier to map the controls in PUBG Mobile. Click here to download: here


All things considered, BlueStacks is one of the best Android emulators to use on PC, for both Mac and Windows. BlueStacks allows you features such as setting a custom configuration of display resolution, memory, and processing power. Along with this, it has an official Google Play Store app as well as its own app store. If they do not suffice for you, the BlueStacks interface also allows you to side load Android APKs. It includes a super easy, drag and drop APK installation process, as well as installing apps and games from third party sources as well. With all the features at hand, BlueStacks is by far the most flexible third-party emulator that you can use for your Android apps and games – PUBG Mobile included.

Nox Player

Nox Player is an interesting balance of features and usability between BlueStacks and Android Studio. The emulator allows you to sideload Android APKs from third-party app sources. And, in what could be a very important feature for PUBG Mobile players: it natively allows for screen recording and sharing. This can be great for content creators who primarily stream PUBG Mobile to their public profiles on the internet, and also want the flexible desktop interface to play it on.

Gameloop Player

Perhaps the most user-friendly of all emulators on this list is the Remix OS Player. It provides the best customisation suite, meaning the user can map every control to their liking and even tweak the graphics from the settings menu. It is greatly optimised to function on low to mid-level specs on PC. Remix is a definite go-to if you’re looking to have a more customised experience of PUBG Mobile on a PC.

Android Studio

Android Studio is Google’s official Android operating system emulator for desktop PCs. It is primarily designed for developers to test out beta app builds across various phone configurations and Android versions. As a result, Android Studio is actually better suited for advanced users. However, its flexibility means that it is also the most powerful Android emulator in the market. You can select exactly which version of Android to run, screen resolution, and other particulars. 

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