Best characters in Genshin Impact who need a buff

As the game-play of Genshin Impact was very popular among the players, the users spend a lot of time on it. Genshin Impact has done a solid job developing top-notch lore, personalities, and unique strengths and weaknesses for each and every character in the game. Best characters in Genshin Impact

Best characters in Genshin Impact


Xiangling is a great Pyro support character to have in the party due to her transferrable elemental skill and burst. Most of the time, it fails to recognize the target and goes entirely to waste. Despite the above fact, there are flaws in her elemental skill “Guaoba Attack.”

With a buff to her elemental skill damage multipliers, as well as normal attack.

She can gradually become a great pick for DPS, Sub-DPS, or the support role. With a cooldown of 12 seconds, it gets annoying to compensate for the wasted damage with the average damage multipliers.

Aether/ Lumine (Traveler)

The main characters seem to be built for utility and exploration rather than amazing damage dealing capability. Aether and Lumine, the main protagonists of Genshin Impact.

Are probably the least-picked characters in the game due to their poor damage multipliers as well as boring gameplay approach. They surely need a buff to perform like the “main protagonists” on the field.


Qiqi, a 5-star character, is considered one of the most dedicated healers in Genshin Impact. In Spiral Abyss, where combat needs to be finished within a time-limit.

Some 4-star healers, such as Barbara and Bennet, can outperform her easily.  Both her elemental skill and burst are designed to provide healing to teammates. To make the 5-star rarity sensible, Qiqi needs to be buffed to the extent.

Where she’s able to deal at least a decent amount of damage. Towards the later levels though, where players require all the party members to contribute towards elemental reactions.

And DPS, Qiqi fails to fulfill damage-dealing requirements.

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