Best challenges in GTA Online for the friends

The players of the GTA Online game have always finds the game very interesting, they do not always have to be the solitary experience as this was designed to play with friends and enjoy. Whether the friends are the online friends only, the title is best experienced when it was played with others. The players can enjoy the game with their friends by giving them challenges and set the rules of the challenge also. Here is the challenges which the player can give it to their friends to complete. The players can decide not to touch a single mission and use the game to chat with friends while driving around Los Santos. GTA Best challenges in GTA

Best challenges in GTA
Best challenges in GTA

It gives the option to do just that.

Impromptu races

This Impromptu races was an underrated aspects of the game-play of GTA Online.

And in this the challenging friends have to make their own point-to-point race. This would result in a lot of fun and enjoyment.
As if you are GTA Online player you know that the driving mechanics of the game was more competent and was quite good which makes the driving very easy and smooth.

There are simply no rules for an impromptu race.

And players can choose to take any route as long as they reach the endpoint.

Hiking challenge         

This challenge was to test the endurance and which player can press X the longest and the hardest when it counts. Climbing Mount Chiliad or Gordo have always to be a fun experience.

And especially the fun was at the top when the players can just ready to punch each other.

In the face and send them tumbling down the hill.


Due to the lack of the decent golf video game, GTA Online might be the best bet for players looking to leisurely enjoy their favorite activity. The Golf challenge have honestly get a very tough.

And competitive if the players get into the challenge and in it. This makes the players time full enjoyment and their friends also.




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