Best attachments for weapons in Black Ops Cold War

 This post is for the users of Black Ops Cold War, as the players would know that how much the weapons were important. In this post we are going to tell you guys about the Best attachments for weapons in Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War
Black Ops Cold War

 Damage Range Barrels

Most of the weapon classes have come with the option of couple barrels that increase the effective damage range. There are variations in terms of how much the effective is added and this was stats go along. Most of the parts that the barrels which provide pure effective damage range and the also its bullet velocity were the bests. The damage from this can be range up to 150%.

And along with this the bullet velocity can go up to 50% in the tandem with the range of damage. While it can certainly be worth having both, and the effective damage range is always a must.

Elastic Wraps

For the players who handle the slots, the final wrap has a ton of the stats which was very hard to ignore in Black Ops Cold War. Firstly the elastic wraps gave a huge bonus to the ADS speed.

At around 30%, and almost doubles the base flinch resistance. To get it all off, this wrap will gives the ability to drop shot. As for negatives, it only really affects sprint-to-fire time and shooting move speed.


In any class can provide much-needed boosts to recoil control. Whether it’s recoil for horizontal or vertical, the stats are great regardless of the weapon type. Much of the time, the first unlocked compensator will provide a boost to control without any negatives.

A suppressor is a muzzle option that doesn’t provide a lot of great stats aside from muzzle flash concealment. However, it’s not the stats that a suppressor is used for. Rather, the silent practicality it brings can be useful on any weapon in the game. It’s up to the player to choose between the two.


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