5 Best Assault Rifles In Free Fire (High Damage)

In Free Fire there is a massive list of weapons and each weapon has their own characteristics and mechanism. In this article, I will help you to find out 5 best Assault Rifles in Free Fire that delivers high damage to the opponent, to get Booyah in most of the matches.

Assault Rifles are used as the key weapon in Free Fire to get Booyah, as it can be used in almost any situation let it be mid-range, short range or a bit of long-range fight. It is compatible for all this situation when suitable attachments are added to it. Let us know what are the best Assault Rifles of Free Fire.

5 Best Assault Rifles In Free Fire (High Damage)
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5 Best Assault Rifles In Free Fire

Here are the 5 Best Assault Rifles In Garena Free Fire that can deliver high damage when you are in a match.

1. M14


In Free Fire Assault Rifles list, there is no comparison of any weapon like M14 when it comes to damage. It has low magazine ammunition but can fire at long range, so you can also use it as sniper to knock down enemies easily. But don’t forget to attach the best attachments.

2. ParaFAL


In our list of Garena free fire best assault rifles, ParaFAL is at the second number with damage delivery of 69. It has a good movement speed when used for short range battles. But it is not recommended for those who have just started playing the game because its accuracy is not much better.

3. Groza


Groza is one of finest and one of the most loved weapons with the damage delivery of 61 which has the range capability of 77. Due to its high rate of fire and speed of reloading, players love using this.

4. AK


If you ignore its accuracy and want something high damage delivery weapon for mid-range combat, then AK is the most suitable weapon you could get. As it has a good fire rate and ideal movement speed.

5. AN94

For a close and mid-range combat AN94 is a good weapon choice, However it might not deliver better damage to the opponent but provide good rate and movement speed is also ideal. For higher damage, my recommendation is to go with other weapons of this list.

These are the 5 Best Assault Rifles In Free Fire that delivers High Damage. If you find this article then don’t forget to share and in case of dropping some better suggestions comment section is always opened for you.

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