Best Arrows in Minecraft

A good archer is nothing without a good arrow. Luckily, in Update 0.15.0, Mojang added tipped arrows to Minecraft, thereby completely changing the game. Best Arrows in Minecraft

Best Arrows in Minecraft

Arrow of Strength

The Arrow of Strength looks very similar to the Arrow of Healing, so make sure not to use the latter on your enemy.  Arrows of Strength are for the warriors of Minecraft. These arrows allow the player to do increased melee damage, and their duration will last longer with the higher-tier arrows. For example, if the player shoots the enemy from a distance and then runs in with a diamond sword, whoever is on the receiving end will be in big trouble. Arrows of Strength can be quite effective if used properly.

Potion of Weakness

The Arrow of Weakness is the best arrow in Minecraft. Once the enemy gets near, they can whip out the Arrow of Weakness. The first tier lasts for 11 seconds, and the second tier lasts for 30. That’s a lot of time. This arrow reduces the enemy’s attack power by -4 attack damage. The archer can try to keep his distance for as long as possible, shooting the enemy with other arrows. 

Arrow of Healing

The healing arrow seems to heal around three hearts per arrow. If the player is in a bad spot, they can shoot up Arrows of Healing in quick succession to gain health rapidly. Because of its instant healing properties, multiple arrows of healing should be in every archer’s quiver.

Arrow of Poison

The poison can be cured with milk, a honey bottle, or an antidote (only in B.E., E.E.) This poison slowly lowers the player’s health. A good technique would be to use these arrows to weaken the enemy and then finish them off with other arrows. It poisons the opponent for a duration that is increased with the tier of the arrow. 

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