Baldur’s Gate 3 New Character The Dark Urge Origin Explained

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Alongside fully customizable characters, the Baldur’s Gate 3 includes already-designed characters to play as along with Larian Studios has pulled back the curtain on the most intriguing one called the Dark Urge. The creation of an origin character for Baldur’s Gate 3 lets players view the plot in a slightly distinctive and focused perspective, particularly with regard to The Dark Urge.

the dark urge

What is an Origin character?

They’re basically playable heroes with their own unique stories thoughts, goals, and opinions towards the world around them. If you do not play as them, they all become your companions, whom could (or might not) be able to recruit during your journey.

What is the Baldur’s Gate 3 Dark Urge origin?

The Dark Urge. A completely unique and custom Origin, The Dark Urge can be built using any of the eleven races you’d like to, but with their own Origin-inspired Dark Urge story as the basis of your story.

The Dark Urge origin

The Dark Urge embodies the darkest corners that lie within the moral spectrum. With an alabaster skin and a huge dragonborn frame, The Dark Urge’s default design is a striking one that is astonished by the sharp gaze of an animal predator. But, it’s also a character that can be completely customized. The character’s appearance, class as well as species and gender are all yours to decide. In the end, evil could be found in anyone, regardless of their appearance.

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What’s the Baldur’s Gate 3 release date?

Baldur’s Gate 3 will leave Early Access to release the full version on the 3rd of August 2023. The original release date was scheduled for the last day of the month, however, Larian has moved the release date ahead due to one major motive: Starfield. We do not know the true news and Bethesda’s new space-based RPG is slated to take the limelight from anything else within its release window it’s a plausible explanation.

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