Asus Rog Phone 3 World’s Best Gaming Phone (Pubg mobile benchmark)

Asus Rog Phone 3 is best gaming phone in the world hands down. Because it’s the first phone with Snapdragon 865+ in addition to fully optimization on os. We will review the new phone with Graphics intensive Pubg Mobile and other games. Especially with new Graphics update on pubg mobile is gonna be great to play with smoothest fps settings.

Asus Rog phone 3
credits: Asus website

Why is Rog phone 3 Gaming Beast?

Rog phone 3 comes with newest Snapdragon 865+ chipset which has some special features. This includes the elite gaming feature in the new 865+ that increases the gaming experience of this phone. Furthermore the Adreno 650 stacks up to give the smoothest gameplay. With this you can get very realistic graphics, lightning fast speed and advanced customisation options on your mobile.

Snapdragon elite gaming

Snapdragon’s new feature gives you a gaming advantage over others. You can harness the power of 865+ to play desktop level graphics. In addition to best handheld experience of Mobile gaming.

As the world’s best phone, let’s see the specifications in detail what makes this phone the absolute best for gaming needs. In addition we’re also gonna see benchmarks of popular games like Pubg Mobile, Call of duty mobile and others. Let’s get started.

Phone model

Snapdragon Elite Gaming unlocks features that transforms your premium mobile device into a gaming machine. We’ve developed a group of hardware and software features that are optimized for gaming. All fully integrated into top-tier Snapdragon mobile platforms. Our first-to-mobile PC-like gaming features enable players to game at the next level. Which includes :

Asus Rog Phone 3 specifications

Asus rog Runs on world’s first Snapdragon 865 plus with the new Rog gamecool 3. With the new elite Gaming and patch updates on graphics drivers makes best possible cpu for gaming. In addition to that the display on this phone is fast 144hz Amoled panel. The Amoled panel arrives with HDR and 10bit colour support, furthermore the fastes and most responsive touch screen in the industry.

Asus Rog phone 3
Credits: Asus Rog website

Specially with 6000MAh battery you can last longer during gaming session compared to other flagship phones. If you don’t know how to play claw Don’t worry It has the new air triggers with programmable keys. So you can set up triggers for ultimate gaming experience. Speakers are made of 7 magnets and supports Dirac. Front firing speaker are crystal clear and loud enough to know enemy position.


Sd 865+ clocks speed of 3.1 Ghz at maximum boost. 8 cores of Kryo 585 beast core cpus. Adreno 650 with latest graphics and drivers gives you 10% boost over Snapdragon 865. Furthermore it supports LPDDR5 memory upto 12Gb enough to play 2 games at same time. Also it has UFS 3.1 Storage with unimaginable writing speed for a phone. Ufs 3.1 makes sure that your games loads and processes as fast as possible. This makes the phone one of the best specs on paper for Elite gamers and who else? Only Gamers!

Advanced Cooling chamber

Cooldown chamber
Credits: Asus Rog website

To cooldown the processor from graphics intensive game like pubg mobile, cod mobile. Rog has new multilevel processor cooling system. As you can see in the image credits: Asus rog website. The phone has Graphite cooling pads on bottom of the phone. As you know graphite is great conducter of heat.

Above that we have massive heat sink consisting of Copper chambers. These copper cooling chambers stretches over the phone frame to distribute the heat away from the processor.

Above that it has some cooling vents which convects the heat out of the phone using Air around you. The accessory which makes this phone the best is its aerocooler. The New Aerocooler 3.0 is made of Fan and heat sink which you can attach to the phone. This helps to get even more coolers and faster than before.

Display made for Gaming

The Holy grail of this phone, the Display, is most stunning looking screen anyone has ever seen. Truly accurate and fast display from gaming perspective. The amoled panel on this Asus Rog phone 3 comes with HDR and 10bit colour support. This give you the benefits of perfect brightness and contrast balance and immersive display. Best of all is it’s refresh rate, 144Hz QHD 6.59inch panel with support upto 4K 60Hz. That’s the best display I’ve ever seen on a phone for gaming standpoint.

Other Best Features

Most Powerful phone must have largest battery and it does. With a 6000MAh rating battery will last longer than any other flagship phone when it comes to Gaming. But With the latest wifi 6 Technology and 4 wifi antennas on the phone, might as well forget about connection issues. Furthermore 4 mics for noise cancellation while talking to your teammates. Basically noise or any fluctuations in the audio.

Asus Rog phone 3 Benchmarks

It is just a performance overkill regarding everyday tasks, in which I mean your current regular internet browsing around as well as chatting on WhatsApp, peeking photos about Instagram, clicking photos for a while. In conclusion this smartphone will give you issues in handling such tasks. And while I actually talk about these kinds of lesser tasks, Snapdragon 865+ takes upwards the job regarding pushing boundaries any time gaming.

Rog phone 3 benchmark

The cpu is primarily intended for hardcore gaming, this is why I threw a number of the heaviest and most-intensive games at that. When I played PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, LifeAfter, and Dead Trigger 2 within the ROG Phone 3. But actually i was impressed by simply how adept this specific smartphone is from handling these video games. If I would have been to choose one phrase for your gaming efficiency of ROG phone 3, I would certainly say OUTSTANDING.

Right now there are no body drops and zero lags in virtually any game. he ROG phone 3 on default but PUBG Mobile was on HD. We took that settings up a level and place HDR plus Extreme, but ROG Phone 3 denies to down again upon its performance. We was extremely amazed at the performance the particular ROG Phone a few has to provide.

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