Apple’s great deal, buy iPhone 12 at a discount of up to Rs 63,000, will get such benefits

As we all know that buying an Apple’s great deal is everyone’s dream, everyone wants to have an Apple iPhone phone. But everyone is also aware that the price of the Apple iPhone is very high.

Apple's great deal
Apple’s great deal

Due to which people are not able to buy this Apple iPhone. Although let me tell you that the dream of people who dream of buying the Apple iPhone can be fulfilled, under Apple’s new offers, many people can make their dream of buying this Apple iPhone come true.

Actually, Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max and, iPhone 12 Pro have been launched in the market.

What’s in the new offers?

The Apple company has pulled out an offer to sell its iPhone 12 smartphone under the trade-in name.

Customers will get these offers at Apple’s official store. Customers at that store can get a discount of up to Rs 63,000.

On the new iPhone 12 series smartphone by changing their old phones.

Make everyone aware that this offer is not only for iPhone.

Customers can also change their old Android smartphone and can buy the new iPhone 12 instead. The company is offering trade-in values ​​ranging from 11,000 to 36,000 rupees on exchanging Samsung and OnePlus smartphones.

How much the Discount

The discount on each of the products depended upon the manufacturing year.

And also depends upon the current situation of the phones.

If a person wants to know about the current price of their phone.

They have to just put the phone’s serial number or the IMEI number. With the help of these numbers, one can check the current value of the phone. The discount was given is 63,000 Rs. To 3,000 Rs.

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