Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem patch notes

Apex Legends’ highly anticipated Season 8: Mayhem update is all set to drop on February 3rd, 2021. Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem patch notes

Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem patch notes

Apart from the new Legend, Fuse, and the new 30-30 Repeater being added to the game, while Respawn Entertainment has individually reworked certain Legends and weapons to be more viable and balanced in the new meta for Apex Legends Season 8.


Stating that Rampart has been at the bottom of Apex Legends performance metrics, while Respawn has made these changes to make her walls more reactive to keep with the fast-paced nature of the game.

  • Sheila angle increase from 120° to 180°
  • Wall health in build phase increased from 1hp to 45hp (sniper rounds still pierce through)


  • All gas now dissipates as soon as Caustic’s team is eliminated in the Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem patch notes


  • Hitting the jump pad from a standing position will launch players along a high arc (the speed and trajectory of the old super-jump).
  • From a crouched position, players will launch along a low arc, meaning they’ll fly lower but farther in the horizontal direction.


  • Loot inside unopened care packages is now visible with Eye for Quality and accessible through the Black Market Boutique.


  • Mirage decoys create footstep sounds.


  • Removed ability to stick arc stars to friendly drones.


Promising to keep an eye on Wraith’s usage across the season, Respawn looks keen to balance her even further in Apex Legends Season 8. Wraith continues to be a low-profile character and will take the same amount of damage as before.


Horizon’s adoption and win rate since release has rivaled Wraith. Respawn looks to slightly nerf Horizon in Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem.

Gravity Lift effective cooldown increased from 21s to 25s. The 15s cooldown timer will now start when the Gravity Lift disappears.

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