Apex legends mobile will arrive shortly on you phones as the soft launch is near us. Pubg mobile may get in trouble if apex legends mobile stands out as their PC version. Infact Pubg mobile is in lead for too long and will be if any other game fail to entertain more.

Apex Legends mobile Info:

As you know Apex Legends is Pc game title just like PUBG where you battle to take the 1st position against 99 players. Similarly to Pubg they have squads and duos and ofcourse solos. They wide variety of characters that you can play with. In addition to that each character has a special power. You can use this special power on battlegrounds to get some advantage on others. Briefly speaking, this just like Battle Royale with power-ups and new mechanics.

Game’s Release date and rumours

Game was planning to launch in early 2020, Because of some problems got delayed 12 months forward. If we’re lucky we may get to see the beta or Soft Launch anywhere near end of 2020 or Early 2021.

Maps and characters are gonna be the same as the Pc version of the game. As for the developing team for the game. This game will be in development with Tencent Games, which based on their meeting in July that’s what we have till now. Currently no news have been seen after that. But development for game has started and will be launched in some Months.

Why is everyone hyping over Apex Legends Mobile?

Playing Apex Legends on Pc during the launch was fun and everybody loved it. Because of one reason it was free and better than it’s competition.

If Apex Legends Mobile can pull off like it’s pc Counterpart then surely Pubg mobile can suffer as it did on the Pc version. Apex Legends brings new mechanics and new characters on the table. Gamers love this new twist on a game. People forgot about any other games on market

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Can Pubg mobile retain it’s throne?

Do you know the pattern of any game, if it doesn’t bring new things to it’s game tries to stay the same for long it fails to be on top. Pubg mobile celebrated thier wnd anniversary back in July and is still gaining new users every day. New Map just launched called Livik Which brings mix of all the other maps and their terain you can watch more if you want to see What’s New in Pubg mobile newest updates.

Creative Pavan Season 15 new Features

Apex Legends Maps and Characters

Apex legends currently has two maps Firstly King’s canyon secondly World’s Edge. King’s canyon is from the beginning of the game. They added the second map World’s Edge in Season 3. Currently Season 6 is going on the PC Apex Legends. Every Season they change maps either by modifying them or by introducing a brand new map.

King’s Canyon

apex Legends mobile King's canyon
King’s Canyon

World’s Edge

World's edge apex Legends mobile
World’s Edge

All Legends explained

Legends are chracters in the that you can play with. They are sole reason for this game being so good in the first place. There are Total 14 Characters currently in game. Divided into 4 categories for combat. Characters basic ability that they can use while in combat to either defend, attack, support or gather intel. Let’s take a look at them what they look like

Offensive Legends


Apex Legends Mobile Bangalore

She is an Attacking Legend Offensive Legend fantastic with any playstyle. Her smoke launcher creates a smoke screen. Her passive Double Time offers her a rate boost when photo at while the woman ultimate, Rolling thunder provides her together with area denial features.



She is a legend that is free and unlocked in the base game.

A versatile  Offensive Legend, Wraith can reposition and flank her enemies with her abilities. Using  Into the Void will allow Wraith to reposition or take cover while being invincible while her  Dimensional Rift can allow her squad to be safely transported over long distances. Finally, her  Voices from the Void passive can give her and her teammates’ warnings about enemies approaching.



Mirage is an  Offensive Legend with abilities that let you distract and confuse enemies. His abilities are entirely based around decoys; his Tactical,  Psyche Out, allows him to deploy a controllable decoy while his passive,  Now You See Me… This gives him time to escape after being knocked down by deploying a decoy while entering cloak and also enters cloak while reviving or using a Respawn Beacon. Finally, his ultimate  Life of the Party deploys a team of decoys allowing him to summon moving decoys and escape or flank people unnoticed.


apex legends mobile

He is a legend from  Season 1 that is locked from the base game.

Octane is a high-speed  Offensive Legend as the name implies. His  Stim is great for closing in on opponents and covering large distances. His passive  Swift Mend and ultimate  Launch Pad complements it by providing self-healing and a jump pad to cover more and vertical distances.



It is a legend that was released in  Season 4. He can be unlocked using  750 or  12,000.

Revenant is an  Offensive Legend who specializes in ambushes and pushing the enemy. His Passive,  Stalker gives him the ability to climb higher and crouch walk faster, perfect for silently and quickly ambushing other squads. His Tactical,  Silence, allows him to render the enemy’s Tactical and Ultimate abilities unusable, causing chaos and preventing any escape. Lastly, his Ultimate,  Death Totem prevents him and his squad from being knocked down, perfect for defending an area or a risky tactic by him and his squad.

Other Legends

There are more Legends if you want to read about them all or need to see any new update on the game Read here.


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