Ankush FREEFIRE vs TSG Ritik free fire

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Hello friends first of all i congrets to the free fire for the becoming the asia’s number one watchinh and playing battle royal. so lets start our article here w are going to discuss about the free fire id status of two legendry players yes friends here we are going to organize the comparison of Ankush FREEFIRE vs TSG Ritik free fire. so whatr are you witing fort lets start the article and give a comaprrison.

Ankush FREEFIRE vs TSG Ritik
Ankush FREEFIRE vs TSG Ritik free fire

the Ankush FREEFIRE’s Free Fire ID

Ankush FREEFIRE’s Free Fire ID is 241375963.

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Ankush FREEFIRE has played a total of 20706 squad games and has ended up winning 8517 of them, maintaining a win rate of 41.13%. With a K/D ratio of 6.15, he has amassed 74913 kills in this mode.

In the duo mode, he has played 2994 games and has 1206 victories to his name.

Making his win rate 40.28%. He has 11099 frags in this mode, maintaining a K/D ratio of 6.21.

Ankush FREEFIRE also has 119 wins in 888 solo matches, translating to a win rate of 13.40%. He has killed 2488 opponents in this mode, with a K/D ratio of 3.24.

TSG Ritik’s Free Fire

His Free Fire ID is 124975352.

TSG Ritik has appeared in a total of 9983 squad games and has won 2056 of them.

Maintaining a win ratio of 20.59%. With a K/D ratio of 3.03, he has secured 23997 frags.

Coming to the duo mode, the content creator has played 2278 matches and has bettered his foes in 251 of them.

Having a win rate of 11.01%. He has 4332 kills to his name at a K/D ratio of 2.14.

TSG Ritik has also played 845 solo games and has 53 first-place finishes, managing a win percentage of 6.27%. In the process, he has amassed 1635 frags for a K/D ratio of 2.06.

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