Let us tell you that Among Us has become very popular among the players, but there is many other such hack are coming out due to which the fun of the players is being ruined. The new hacks make crew-mates more misleading to identify and understand the impostor, these hackers are also seeing a considerable increase in the flow of the game, and let you know that this game as well the most popular game of 2020 has become. Among Us was hacked

Among Us was hacked
Among Us was hacked

It is said to have created and enhanced a different type of innovative touch for many malicious acts.

Which has enabled the crusettes to use these vests. Imposters being easily murdered in this globally running game also enable them to be used to travel across the room even after committing such crimes.

Only due to deception and manipulation. However, venting has its drawbacks, as anyone moving or exiting can be easily cut to be imposter. There are also reports that hackers are hacking this game in such a way that they are getting easier to use the vents of the crew-mates.

The hackers ruined the fun on the game

They are easily hacking this game and taking advantage. As seen in the clip presented by Redditor u / Big_Nate_on_juice on the r / ASUs subreddit.

We can see the game-play from the imposter’s point of view where a crew-mate.

Goes into the vent with an importer in front of him. At the same time, the opinion of some people is completely different.

Some people believe that if the game is hacked then the imposters will benefit greatly. On the other hand, there are many users who seem annoyed by this hack, even in ‘a simple game’. Redditor u / technicolored_dreams, which was violated by the hack. Angry users have said that if you play even a simple game with deception, then why you play. But it is also very sad that despite many hacks and fraud among us.

The game does not have a report option.



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