Among Us new Monster Mode Rules

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The players of Among Us know and experience about the switching modes in the game-play, there was a great mixing up in the unvaried game. There is a new and unique mode was available in the game-play, the fans have come with the new mode. The players are not able to play the new game mode directly; they have to do just a couple of modification in the rules and in-game setting only. This new mode was kind of similar to the Hide and Seek mode and the Dead by Daylight mode, this new Monster mode was introduced by the fans. Monster Mode Rules
Monster Mode Rules

Monster Mode Rules

In the very beginning of the game-play, the imposters identity will be not revealed until the crewmate has been witnessed a murder. The players can let other players know about the murder.

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The Imposters are able to turn off the lights, lock the doors and to sabotage comms.

Ghosts are not allowed call the identity of the killer.

The dead bodies in the game are not counted and reported.

 Emergency meetings are not allowed in this mode.

The Crewmates are able to warn the other players if they approach the killer’s location.

Crewmates will be killed by the Imposters vent.

The settings of the custom Monster mode in the game-play.

The in-game settings to follow in the Monster mode are:

  • Player Speed – 1.5x
  • Crewmate Vision – 2.0x
  • Impostor Vision – 0.25x
  • Kill Cooldown – 10 seconds
  • Kill Distance – Medium
  • Visual Tasks – On
  • Common tasks – 0
  • Long tasks – 0
  • Short tasks – 5

The players who play the Monster mode turns a constant mouse and cat game, with the venting downgraded to the strategic play game. This new mode was almost a killer in a movie scene which picks up the target slowly. are the rules of the game.

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