Among Us: How to get a “chocolate ice cream” hat for free

In this post we are going to tell you about the new arrival update of the game Among Us, Among Us: How to get a “chocolate ice cream” hat for free. The Airship map has been teased as the largest map to ever exist in Among Us. Additionally, the arena is also supposed to feature a bunch of new features, such as the ladder. To allow this hype to grow, they have announced many free hats for players to claim once the update releases.

Among Us: How to get a “chocolate ice cream” hat

The developers at InnerSloth are trying to attract as much attention to this new update as they can. Ranging from a heart to angry eyebrows, players will witness lots of new and free cosmetics after the update. However, one specific hat that has caught the community’s attention is the Chocolate Ice Cream hat.

New Hat

The developers of the game have named the recently added update named it the Chocolate Ice Cream hat, the players of the Among Us game have suggested that it is undoubtedly “poop.”

They can simply select the hat and equip it from their inventories once the update releases on March 31st. Given that the is a free cosmetic in Among Us.

Players will find it available in their inventories after the update. Considering the massive outburst in the community regarding this new hat’s design.

It seems inevitable that most players will be equipping it after the latest update arrives. Despite various accusations pointing towards the hat being poop.

The Among Us Twitter account kept saying that it was nothing more than chocolate-flavored ice cream.  With the new map also being released with all of these new hats, it feels certain that the Airship will be filled with players equipped with the hat in Among Us.

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