Among Us community helped to keep the game alive

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The Among US game was famous in the player’s community, the players spend their a lot of time in it. Among Us steadily grew and drew in new players over the years. This is the part of the Among Us story that most people are familiar with. However, it wasn’t until its discovery by the internet at large that Among Us was able to sweep the world by storm. Among Us community helped to keep the game alive

Among Us community helped to keep the game alive

Around September 2020, Among Us content could be found in almost every corner of the internet. Nothing lasts forever, though. It even found its way into schools and other strange places. As content releases slowed, Among Us players began leaving to find new things to enjoy. Among Us seems to be settling back into another normal online game, played mostly by a large core audience. What remains now are those players most dedicated to the game, occasionally boosted by infrequent returning players.

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Among Us, community can do much more than play

Many players are creating the content they want to see rather than waiting for someone else to do it. The Among Us community is now much larger and features plenty of talented developers in its own right. Modders have been hard at work experimenting with unique design strategies. These players can now do much more than simply keep the game alive. This can range from the various designs for merchandise, fan art, fan videos to the more direct creation of playable content for the game. They’re implementing new features and game modes on their own terms. The added attention has drawn in a modest but talented modding community. The community is now partly responsible for creating the kind of content they want to enjoy. In a way, the Among Us community has democratized the development of the game.

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