Among Us: Best names for hiding and confusing the co-players

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The Among Us game has been emerged as one of the most trending and most fun engaging title to make its way onto the mainstream. It pits players against each other in a game that will make them question their friends’ true nature. In Among Us the InnerSloth has produced in the game-play which was recently gains a lot of popularity among the players, nearly two years after its initial release. Best names for hiding

Best names for hiding
Best names for hiding

The Among Us game was sees players which were called the Crewmates, they have to complete the multiple tasks to win the game.

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On the other hand the Imposters attempts to eliminate the others and sabotage their progress from within the party.

Among Us isn’t a competitive game and does not belong to the Esports genre.

Eliminating the need for players to display their skills and credibility in-game. However, this has meant that players create funny and hilarious names for their characters.

Names to keep while hiding in Among Us

  • I
  • O
  • II
  • III
  • ii
  • iii
  • 0
  • T
  • i
  • ii
  • iii
  • P

The players can also use the single letters in the game-play or can also use the single numbers for their characters; this was the best way which a player can use to hide their name and identity.  The players can restrict the vision for the namespace which was allotted on the top of the characters.

Which make it more difficult for the Imposters and the Crewmates to spot the players.

These names easily overlapped with other names in a mob.

Becoming easy for players to stack up above one another to confuse others. With the help of these different numbers and alphabets it was very difficult for the co-players to know about you, these names can be use as a trick to hide your identity and name among the whole game-play.

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