Among Us adds a new member to its team: Adriel Wallick

The game-play of Among Us has always added new updates and features to it, and this is one of the reasons which is why the players love it. There was a new member which was added to the team member and that is Adriel Wallick. If you are an Among Us player then, you would surely read this article. Wallick’s experience as a game creator has covered numerous solo projects. Among Us adds a new member to its team: Adriel Wallick

Among Us adds a new member

In addition to collaborative efforts, including working as a programmer for Rock Band Blitz. While Wallick is a veteran designer and organizer of multiple indie game jams, including her own.

Train Jam, which takes place on a train from Chicago to San Francisco.

Who is Adriel Wallick

Similar to the other players and the team members, Wallick was also a multitalented and flexible team member. Among Us, fans should look out for Wallick’s creative style on the future of Among Us development. One thing which stands out in Wallick’s.

Experience is that she once spent a year creating a new game every week. That shows a degree of creativity, perseverance, and a dedication to her craft, that will likely be welcome at Innersloth. Indie game development is often characterized by development teams where everyone does a little bit of everything.

Rather than the hyper-specific roles and departments seen on games with hundreds of developers. As well as it applies even if only a single person actually does all the work for a given area. With rare exception, small indie games like Among Us.

Often require that everyone know a little bit about how to do everything. Anyone who can consistently create games based around new ideas.

Will almost certainly have something to add to the online social phenomenon of Among Us.



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