Amitbhai vs Romeo Gamer free fire

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hello freinds here in this article we are going to co,mpare the free fire id status of two legendry players yes freinds here i am talking about two biggest youtubers of free fire india. yes freinds i am talking about none other than Amitbhai vs Romeo Gamer. so what are you waiting for lets start the article and lets get known.

Amitbhai vs Romeo Gamer
Amitbhai vs Romeo Gamer

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Amitbhai’s Free Fire ID and stats

His Free Fire ID is 206746194.

Lifetime stats

Amitbhai has featured in a total of 7,236 squad matches and has ended up winning 2,045 of them, maintaining a win rate of 28.26%. He has secured 18,767 kills for a K/D ratio of 3.62.

While in the duo mode, he has played 3,895 matches and has triumphed in 694, having a win rate of 17.81%. With 10,150 frags for a K/D ratio of 3.17Lastly, the content creator has played 3,119 solo games .

and has bagged 255 wins at a win percentage of 8.17%. He has 6,848 kills to his name with a K/D ratio of 2.39.

Romeo Gamer’s Free Fire ID and stats

His Free Fire ID is 137719383.

Lifetime stats

Romeo Gamer has played 13,626 squad matches to date and has a win tally of 4,166, retaining a win rate of 30.57%. He has killed 42,709 frags for a K/D ratio of 4.51.

Coming to the duo mode, he has appeared in 3,857 games and has remained unbeaten in 533 of them, making his win ratio 13.81%. With a K/D ratio of 3.82, he has collected 12,694 kills.

The popular YouTuber has played 4,954 solo games as well and stood victorious in 817, which comes down to a win percentage of 16.49%. He has notched 20,941 kills at a K/D ratio of 5.06

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