Alvaro vs. Moco vs. Chrono

Hello, friends we all know that free fire was the number one top battle royal online game all over the world and the different character skills make them more different so here we decide to talk about the free fire characters Alvaro vs. Moco vs. Chrono so let us start the article.

Alvaro vs. Moco vs. Chrono
Alvaro vs. Moco vs. Chrono


Alvaro was introduced a few seasons ago in Free Fire, and as his in-game description states, he is a wild but skilled demolitionist. He has a passive ability in the game called Art of Demolition.

His ability allows him to increase the explosive weapon damage by 6%, and the damage range is increased by 7%.

However, Alvaro can be maximized up to level 6, where his abilities allow to increase the explosive weapon damage by 16%, and the damage range also increases by 10%.

Chrono’s ability – Time Turner

Chrono is one of the most popular and admired characters in Free Fire, possessing some incredible abilities to assist players.

His level one ability can create a force field to block 600 damage. He can also shoot from inside the force field, with his movement speed increasing by 15%. Allies within the force field also get a 10% increment in movement speed, with these effects lasting four seconds. The ability has a fifty-second cooldown before being available again. When Chrono is boosted up to level six, using character fragments, his abilities see significant enhancements.

Moco’s ability – Hacker’s Eye

Moco has an incredible ability to tag enemies shot for 2 seconds and share info with teammates. This ability is passive, and Moco is also an outstanding hacker, as per her in-game description.

She can be boosted to level six using character level up cards, where the tag duration of Moco increases from 2 to 5 seconds. The info will be shared with the allies.


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