Alien Billboard Locations: Equip a detector and Disable Alien Billboard

In the Fortnite Week9 of Chapter2 Season7, so many challenges have been released, and locating the Billboard and disable the Alien Billboard by equipping a detector in one match is a bit tough task.

The billboards have been recently added to the game and I don’t many players won’t be aware of the locations of all the billboards. But you don’t need to worry about it because in this article I will let you know everything about it.

There might be many locations of the Alien Billboard in Fortnite but here are some of the locations that we have found and you can also easily discover them. The places where you can locate these are mentioned in the list below:

  1. Pleasant Park
  2. Boney Burbs
  3. Misty Meadows
  4. Lazy Lake
  5. Retail Row
  6. Craggy Cliffs
  7. Believer Beach

Before finding the Billboard you have to equip the detector first of all. The detector will look like a crate box. So you have to go near it and interact to equip the Crate box.

Spotting Alien Billboard with the help of Detector is too easy and they are easily visible to use because of their large size. Where you are equipping the detector the billboard will be nearer to it. Just look for here and there is a short distance and it will be seen easily.

Suppose you got a detector at Misty Meadows by the fountain. Once you find it, you’ll see an Alien Billboard 10 steps northwest of the location, and to disable it just interact with the Billboard and it is done.

This is how you can disable the Billboards and find the Billboard Detector in Fortnite. If you have any doubt regarding this challenge or anything please drop them in the comments below.

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