as we all know there are some things which was famous for the game free fire. in the famous thing the pet was also included as we all know that free fire is also know that. 5 best pets in Free Fire

pet plays a very effective role in free fire. so in this article we are going to discuss about some especilites. of the pets and one more things.

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5 best pets in Free Fire1
5 best pets in Free Fire

@ 1 Ottero

In-game description: ‘Sleeps with its headphones on, a musically talented otter.’

Skill: When players are using the Treatment Gun or Med Kit, they will also recover some EP. The amount of EP recovered is 35% of the HP restored. At Pet Level 5, the amount of EP converted increases to 50%.

@ 2 Falco

In-game description: ‘When it spreads its wings, and soars, sky and land merge at the horizon.’

Skill: Provides a 15% increase in the gliding speed upon skydive. Also, there is a 25% increase in diving speed after the parachute opens. With the rise in level, the percentages increase to 30% and 37%, respectively. This applies to the entire team.

@ 3 Detective Panda

In-game description: ‘I will protect the world!’

Skill: Restores 4 HP with each kill. At skill level 2, restore 7 HP upon every kill.

@4 Mr. Waggor

In-game description: ‘Once a guinea pig in the lab, Mr. Waggor was brought home as a pet due to his cuteness. That led to his great escape and subsequent wandering life.’

Skill: When users do not have a Gloo Wall, Mr. Waggor can produce one every 120 seconds. The duration reduces to 100 seconds at skill level 2 (max level).



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