3 best solo landing spots on the Bermuda map

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Hello, friends, we all know that free fire was India’s number one battle royal game in nowadays. There are so many tricks which were available in the articles related to free fire so we will decide to get some information about the solo rank and classic Bermuda so in this article you are going to know the top 3 best places in Bermuda map which was best for solo matches. And one more info for you all. If you are a free fire player and if you want diamonds. For your id then comment us 4 lucky winners who ping a lovely comment will get diamonds for their free fire id. best solo landing spots

So let’s get discuss top 3 places to land in solo matches in Bermuda map. So let’s start.

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 best solo landing spots
best solo landing spots

Our first place was mill

#1 Mill

 We all know that Mill is one of the best sites in Bermuda map of free fire because the players will drop onto if they are solo queuing. And also the players will Easley find a large amount of loot and drops. But they have to be cautious as there are multiple buildings in this location, meaning enemies are always around the corner, stalking others. So for the solo Bermuda map the mill was one of the best choice by which you can Easley Booyah the match.

#2 Mars Electric

The second one was mars electric is another fantastic location where the players can land Easley without any fear of opponents .and  As it is located at the bottom of the map, it isn’t preferred by a lot of users so it become more easy to get a Booyah . Those landing here will be able to find a sufficient amount of loot and other equipment. They might also find a vehicle here, which could be used to rotate in the latter stages of the match.

#3 Katulistiwa

Katulistiwa is the last location on this list. It has numerous buildings where users will be able to find an ample amount of loot for themselves. While landing here, players might have to be on the lookout for foes.

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