In the game-play of Minecraft, there have been the great impressive updates and maintains the world record times in the year of 2020. Having a world record is a massive accomplishment, and holding on to one for a set period is another feat unto itself. This game was like football and speed running which can be the game of inches, and the players would like the game very much. The gamers like to spend their time into this game, the Random Seed category. 2020 Minecraft world records

2020 Minecraft world records
2020 Minecraft world records

For example, sees runners needing to play exceptionally well and relying on getting lucky blaze rod drops.

Piglin trades, and a convenient End Portal.

Danny15 – Bedrock Any% Glitchless – Set Seed, PC

 This Danny15 – Bedrock Any% Glitchless has allows the players to select the seeds which a player wants to use to beat the other players in the game. This means that the players have to practice the same run over and over to gain the points. Runners know the map and the terrain, so each second of the run can be perfected and optimized. Perfecting every single movement and action taken is what is crucial here for success. Danny15 was only 34 milliseconds faster than ElTraego in second place.

But that is what makes the difference between a world record and a top placement in the game-play.

MinecrAvenger – Java Any% Glitchless – Set Seed

Minecraft players can pick the seed they want to use to beat the game. Every move and action was taken by the runner needs to be spot on.

As they already know the route and where structures are in-game. At the end of the day, the runs in this category come down to executing perfect precision in gameplay. MinecrAvenger was only a few seconds faster than the next person on the leader board.

Which shows how tight and competitive these runs can be.



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