OP Vincenzo vs. Syblus

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OP Vincenzo vs. Syblus

Hello friends here in this article we are going to discuss the two legend you tubers of the free fire game. Who have millions of followers in their YouTube channel and their game play was also too much great yes friends we are talking about the two stars of the game free fire OP Vincenzo & Syblus. Yes friends there are most of the followers want the article on this particular topic. And one more thing for you all friends   OP Vincenzo vs. Syblus

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OP Vincenzo vs. Syblus
OP Vincenzo vs. Syblus

Vincenzo’s Free Fire ID and stats

His Free Fire ID is 437144862.

Vincenzo has taken part in 18817 matches in the squad games and has outdone his foes in 3360 of them, which equates to a win rate of 17.85%. He has racked 68189 kills for a K/D ratio of 4.41.

In the 1706 duo matches, the You Tuber is close to 300 Booyahs, translating to a win percentage of 17.46. He is just a few kills short of 5000 frags and has managed a K/D ratio of 3.55

Lastly, the player has remained unbeaten on 100 occasions in 1129 solo games, with a win ratio of 8.85%. He has eliminated 2814 foes, upholding a K/D ratio of 2.73.

OP Syblus’ Free Fire ID and stats

His Free Fire ID is 15441490.

Syblus has played a total of 7135 squad matches and has triumphed in 926 of them, maintaining a win ratio of 12.97%. He has killed 16600 foes for a K/D ratio of 2.67.

Coming to the duo mode, the player has been featured in 1723 games and has remained unbeaten in 148 of them for a win rate of 8.58%. With 3417 kills, he has a K/D ratio of 2.17.

Lastly, the YouTuber has played 1684 solo games and has secured 96 wins, with a win percentage of 5.70%. He has notched 2867 kills for a K/D ratio of 1.81.

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