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0.16.5 Update Patch Note & Pubg Mobile Release Date

Pubg Update Beta 0.16.5 was out this Tuesday and let’s see what they have added in this beta.

Season 11 Release On 9 Jan 2020 And Royal Pass Unlocked On 10 Jan 2020

What's New ? In 0.16.5 Update

1) New Avatar and frames added for season 11 and i have already posted The Season 11 rewards Video. if You Haven’t checked yet check those rewards.the Link will be at the bottom of this post.

2)    New Map- A new Map for this Mode added. The Map name is town. In This map only you can play the new mode Domination.

3)  New Mode Domination- New Mode added namely Domination Just like Domination of Call of Duty Mobile and any other Multiplayer game. Here You have to capture and hold the objective as soon as its unlock. There are 3 points A, B And C. The Party who will capture the point and stay there will get points and the first party to reach the highest point Wins. In every match there will be two rounds, each round will be of 3:40 seconds. It is like tdm , each team will have 4 players, Red team and Blue team. After the first round i.e. 3:40 seconds a new point will unlock and u have to capture that one. The Team with Highest score wins.

4) Snowbike- Snowbike added for vikendi only. The Snowbike will replace normal bike in vikendi and it will spawn randomly in the map in place of Bike.

5) Classic TDM- Classic TDM Named Arena training added. Here you don’t need to select loadout. You Can Pick up guns of your choice in the lobby just like old times.

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  1. I think so🤔 the season 11 royal pass will be better than season 10 royal pass🤨
    Be ready season 11 is coming😎
    we dont know wats new🤔👍

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